Analysing the cost & impact of mental health in your workplace.

We help you to understand your employees mental health, support you in making changes to assist them & save you money.

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Did you know that the total cost of mental health is estimated at £1035 for every employee in your workforce?

12.7% 12.7% of all employee sickness days in the UK are linked to mental health problems. 37% 37% of all work related ill-health cases are due to stress, anxiety or depression.
75% 75% of managers say they manage at least one person with a mental health problem. £3.27 Business medical costs fall by around £3.27 for every pound spent on wellness programs.

Save time & money

Reduce waste on unwanted or unsuccessful events & programmes & increase the productivity of your staff.

Reduce stress

Analyse stress & anxiety & make adjustments to prevent further build up.


Connected Wellbeing
Connected Wellbeing

Reduce absences

Use reports to plan for future Issues & save on absences and team burn out.

Identify departmental issues

Compare statistics from each department and make changes to increase productivity.


Support your staff

Track changes that effect staff wellfare and adjust your workplace accordingly.

Create a happy, healthy workforce

See increases in productivity, recruitment, staff retention and measurable health benefits.


Connected Wellbeing

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The Connected Wellbeing platform is developed by Evolyst.

Evolyst have a background developing NHS based Mental Health & Wellness apps across the UK.

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